Agrovest reality tv shows

One of the most fascinating evolutions of mankind is the development of agricultural practices as means of sustainment of livelihood and economic growth. Consequently, this has not been the case for Nigerian’s as about 17 million people in the country are projected to be either at crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity by 2022 (Guardian, 2021). It is for this reason we are putting up a Reality TV show geared towards a comprehensive Agriculture Training, Advocacy and Mentoring programme delivered on an entertainment platform. With the Theme; Unlocking the wealth code of Naija, the reality show showcases creative entrepreneurs seeking to demonstrate and explore the agricultural creative industry, Commercial insights etc. It is aimed to change the narrative in the agricultural sector, Support and encourage businesses of young people within the agro framework through funding and access to market.The event will select 20 contestants within the 6 geo-political zones through auditions. After auditions the finalists who will live together for 60 days in the same house will compete with one another in 8 weeks of intensive agro centric tasks to win the cash prize of N20,000,000 (fund aimed at boosting their agro idea/business).


The Judges of the show are experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated passion for business and supporting agro start-ups with their significant experience in their respective industries and businesses. These Judges will employ their positions as judges to mentor the contestants and millions of viewers.The Show is exclusive to TStv Costumers.